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NintexX - Custom Nintex Action

NintexX is an extension project to Nintex workflow.

Nintex for SharePoint is great workflow publishing tool.

Currently I am using Nintex Workflow heavily in my project. We come across many situations where we have to invoke existing .net code. We can achieve this by creating web service OR creating custom Nintex action. However they are time consuming.

I created a Nintex Custom action to invoke C# code easily from Nintex. 



 1)  Add Nintexaction to Nintex workflow

2) Configure assembly and type where the custom code is implemented

3) That's it, code configured will be executed :)... BUT... The type should be inherited from NintexX.NintexXAction. See the example below


1) Download NintexX.wsp

2) Install on SharePoint Server

3) this WSP deploys globally

4) Activate NintexX feature (web application feature) on required web applications

5) You should now see new Activity under NintexX group



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